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The men signed of the cross of Christ go gaily in the dark.


What’s Wrong with the World is dedicated to the defense of what remains of Christendom, the civilization made by the men of the Cross of Christ. Athwart two hostile Powers we stand: the Jihad and Liberalism...read more

Lives of the Founders


ISI Books has inaugurated a superb new historical series. Each volume is a slim, elegant, crisply-written study of what we might call the Lesser Founders. These are the men who built America but who, obscured by the towering giants of that age, haven’t been properly given their due. In comparison with Washington or Hamilton, few men measure up. But these Lesser Founders were impressive men in their own right, independent of mind, bold of action, mostly self-made, morally and philosophically serious, and they lived in fascinating times.

So far there have been studies of Luther Martin, “forgotten Founder, drunken prophet” according to Mr. Bill Kauffman’s subtitle; of the “incautious man,” Gouverneur Morris; and of that ablest of Washington’s lieutenants, Nathanael Greene.

These books belong in the library of any student of Amerca.

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I hope Patrick Henry is in the works.

'I hope Patrick Henry is in the works'


"We are soldiers who devote ourselves to arms not for the invasion of other countries, but for the defense of our own, not for the gratification of our private interests but for public security"
Nathanael Green

Forgive us Nat for losing your vision, and may we collectively recover the great magnanimity of your soul.

ISI has a few new lectures on the American Founding, too. I've been publicizing their lecture library on local newspapers' web sites.

Well, I'll agree that the "founders" have not been given their proper due.

They were a bunch of lousy traitors who deserved to be hung.

The "Declaration of Independence" is surely the sorriest justification for treason in the history of the world. (Even Judas was told by the Lord, "Go and do what you must do.")

Our nation was born in treachery and rebellion, we've wallowed in it ever since, and we're finally drowning in it, as we well deserve.

What is so desperately needed today is not the example of the treacherous "founders", but role models of loyalty and submission to authority.

Interesting thread. I'm sorry I found it so late.

Risa, if you're still around, you obviously don't understand Judas, nor do you understand our Lord.

The purpose of Jesus' presence in this world was so God could make Himself known to mankind in a way we all can understand. Jesus is the personification of the living God, the Supreme Spiritual Being. He came to us in our own form so we can understand the perfection of His love and receive His sacrifice as the ultimate sin-offering, once and for all.

To culminate His purpose, Jesus HAD to be betrayed and crucified to fulfill the prophecies pointing to the events leading up to His life, death, and resurrection. Judas performed a part in the fulfillment of those prophecies; a critical part of God's plan of salvation for the world. Jesus understood that, and the Man portion of His presence here among up was willing to see that betrayal go forward. Such is His love for us.

The end result is that if we realize Jesus is God manifest in the flesh, as foretold in the Scriptures, died as a payment in full for our sins (disobedience to God's will), repent of those sins (want to not continue in them) and accept Jesus' sacrificial gift of grace as full payment for our sins, we will avoid a spiritual death (and separation from God) and enjoy eternal communion with the Creator of all things in the known universe and beyond.

As far as Jesus goes, He was the ultimate rebel. He walked in open defiance to the misguided, greedy, deceptive Pharisees (religious leadership) of the time. The end result is the greatest miracle of all: opportunity for the entire world—you included—to receive undeserved salvation and reunification with God. As long as people—the USA—stay focused on Him, we will prosper. When we lose sight of Him and behave like a bunch of immoral, self-centered, godless idiots, we suffer the consequences.

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