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New issue of The Christendom Review

Bill Luse writes,

Paul, the 2nd issue of The Christendom Review is now online. The special features section focuses on the legacy of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, The Modern Error on (in Rick's words) "the legal and moral obfuscations surrounding the court-ordered death of Terri Schiavo." I have an article in that section, but of particular importance is Lydia's, which demonstrates to my satisfaction that, contrary to the common wisdom, the law was not followed in bringing this woman to her end. It may also be the first time ever that anyone has attempted such a rebuttal based on all of the witness testimony from the 2000 trial. (The transcripts are available at her website.) Lydia has a follow-up article on this subject appearing in the June issue of Touchstone. Also to be found in the issue is a remarkable short story by Bill Miles, poetry by Anthony Esolen, and paintings by the brilliant Catholic artist, Timothy Jones. [I've looked at some of these; brilliant is right -- Ed.] Those who wish to support the site can do so by clicking on that link in the left margin to purchase a softcover edition of the Review. And as always there is a free pdf version available on the right.

The Christendom Review, like this site, exists only because of the generosity of Todd McKimmey, our webmaster extraordinaire.

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Thank you Todd McKimmey. I'm extremely grateful this is a great website. With just a dozen saints we could save the world, Todd I think your narrowing our search.

Cheers mate.

Congress passed a law that ordered a de novo review of the issue, an examination of both the facts and the law, AB INITIO.

That was NEVER done.

Dan, I think you'll find my article interesting, though I don't address the federal issues but rather the state issues.

Another brilliant issue of CR -- thanks to all who make it possible.

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