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Woods on TLS

In the latest issue of Catholic World Report, Thomas Woods kindly reviews The Last Superstition. From the review:

“A crushing reply to the string of recent books by the so-called New Atheists… a stunning work…

The Last Superstition is a persuasive and powerful argument in defense of theism and Aristotelian metaphysics. It is sophisticated enough to convey to professional philosophers the seriousness and rigor of the theistic argument, while still being clear enough for the intelligent layman to understand. Indeed, it gives the layman the indispensible knowledge he needs to defend theism against the smart alecks who try to intimidate him but who themselves, as Feser shows, represent far more bluster than substance.

The presumption these days is to ask, ‘If you’re so smart, why are you religious?’ In light of Edward Feser’s indispensible book, a better question would be, ‘If you’re so smart, why are you still an atheist?’”

By the way, Woods, the author of many fine books and articles on history, politics, economics, and religion, has most recently published the best-selling Meltdown, a must-read presentation of the Austrian School analysis of the current economic crisis.

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Same Thomas Woods who wrote "The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History," right? I've been meaning to read that but haven't got to it yet.

Ed, have you ever heard of the Thomist philosopher F.F. Centore? I'm currently reading a 1991 book of his, "Being and Becoming: A Critique of Postmodernism," which is very good indeed. It's one of these expensive academic press books, but my library got it for me very easily through interlibrary loan.

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