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National Affairs

There is something almost Chestertonian in the boldness of it. Found a journal committed to "the long form of the essay, and the long view of the quarterly" now? Found such a journal, which "will begin from confidence and pride in America" and proceed "to cultivate an open-minded empiricism, a decent respect for the awesome complexity of life in society, and a healthy skepticism of the serene technocratic confidence that is too often the dominant flavor of social science and public policy"?

What a marvelously rash endeavor this is. National Affairs it is called. The editors declare themselves successors "to a long and storied line of efforts to illuminate American public life through intellectual journalism, from the birth of our republic to the present day." They are successors to a noble tradition. Long may it (and they) prosper.

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Thanks for the heads-up on this, Paul. I'm impressed to see that they have the likes of Murray and Kass writing for them, and I especially look forward to reading their articles.

Looks great!

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