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Happy Valentine's Day


What do you get when you mix Lydia's Calvinism theme in her most recent post, and my comic book image below, on St. Valentine's Day? Something like this, I should think. (Think this guy brought her tulips?)

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Hmm, I see it's dated "February 15." Well, it's still Valentine's Day here in L.A. No snow either, so there.


You can, of course, change the posting time and date, and thus engage in an act of backward causation. But then, you already knew you would do that. :-)


Is that comic real?

Nah, it's an altered version of this:


Don't know who's behind it -- it seems to have been floating around the blogosphere for a while.

BTW, if you're looking for real comic book cover related laughs as a way to kill some time, you can't beat Lileks' archive:


No, the TULIP joke wins. Hands down.

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