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More on the Trinity and mystery


Dale Tuggy and I have been debating the issues addressed in my recent posts on the doctrine of the Trinity and its status as a “mystery.” Here is my latest contribution. And above, naturally, an appropriate comic book cover.

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Good series of articles, Ed.

But you had to take another swipe at Paley, didn't you?

George, I haven't read it yet, but where is the swipe at Paley? I've gotta be sure to see that. :-)

Lydia, it’s in the part where he writes this:

I also don’t know how far he would push a purportedly more “biblical” conception of God away from classical theism and in the direction of the more anthropomorphic approach of “theistic personalism,” but I have said something in earlier posts about the theological dangers of such a move (e.g. here and here).

The posts that he links to are two of his Paley-stinks entries.

The reason I linked to those specific earlier pieces was because of their relevance to the theistic personalism vs. classical theism debate, not because of Paley specifically. And it is significant that Dale acknowledges (in my combox) that his differences with the Catholic understanding of the Trinity are related to his skepticism about classical theism.

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