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"We don't anticipate that..."

Just in case anybody here hasn't seen this yet:

Our congress-creatures at work.

I must say that Admiral Robert Willard, commander of our Pacific Fleet, deserves some sort of award for his performance, here: not the least raise of an eyebrow, not the slightest flicker of a smile.

For those who can't spare two minutes and forty-eight seconds to watch the whole thing, I transcribe the climactic exchange, below the fold...

Rep. Hank Johnson: My fear is that, uhhh...the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and, uhhh...and capsize.

Adm. Robert Willard: Uhhh...we don't anticipate that...

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Rep. Johnson is, alas, very ill.


this man went to two American universities!!! 8-|

"this man went to two American universities!!!"

Well that's Affirmative Action for ya!!.

Paul - good grief! So this has been going on for more than a decade?

Guam, Guam with the wind.
It tipped over and it be gone.

The same imbeciles that elected Hank Johnson used to elect Cynthia McKinney. Paul Cella will know this to be true.

Another take that this is much ado about nothing is here:


Quite true, Yahoo. Mostly DeKalb County, which basically splits metro Atlanta with Fulton County. A majority black district, but with a solid contingent of hippies too.

I thought the poor man was trying to make a joke which never got across given his terrible ability to communicate anything very well, which was rather sad. I didn't know he is also very ill at the time I first saw it, but it may explain a lot, too.

I think people have piled on the guy without giving him the benefit of the doubt of a joke gone bad. He does not appear, though, to be capable of holding office at this time.

Alas, the writer at Matteo's link admitted that his well-crafted defense of this bizarre comment was itself an April Fool's Day spoof.

Kevin J Jones: thanks for pointing that out. Here's the link:


I guess the serious point here is that some responsible party or other really needs to take the guy aside and suggest, ever so gently, that he step down from his duties, at least for the time being.

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