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The Christendom Review; Volume 2, Issue 01

The fruit of hard work by our former contributor Bill Luse and his old friend Rick Barnett, and above all our own indispensable webmaster Todd McKimmey, the latest issue of The Christendom Review has appeared.

Bill writes, "We have a variety of poetic voices, good essays by Paul Cella and Lydia McGrew - the former a spellbinding account of the absurdly complicated financial arrangements of recent infamy, invented by very smart people more devoted to their own ingenuity than to the nation's welfare; the latter a very sympathetic and humane appreciation of the novel Gilead - and fiction by Jeff Trippe.

The Visual Arts section features the luminous oil paintings of one America's foremost landscape artists, William Powell.

All made possible by the technical skills of Todd McKimmey."

Bill wrote this number's Letter from the Editor, a fine little piece on the subject of gratitude. I see that he also has a short story in there, which I shall read forthwith.

The Christendom Review can be ordered in print via Lulu Marketplace here. If you're inclined to support this noble venture, several methods are available here.

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A work of excellence and delight, as always. Thanks to all who produce and contribute for making it available to us.

William's story was much grittier than I have come to expect from Christian fiction. Not quite Raymond Carver/Gordon Lish, but still a fine short story.

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