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The Metaphysics of The Fly


A philosophical analysis of the David Cronenberg flick, over at my place. Probably not good lunchtime reading.

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from an A-T point of view, having something like a functioning human neurophysiology is not a sufficient condition for being a rational animal (since the intellect is immaterial), it is a necessary condition.

This is very basic, but can you explain how your statement above comports with the pro-life position regarding, say, a day-old zygote (without what I would call a "functioning human neurophysiology")? Is it based on {human beings} ~= {persons}?

Perhaps I missed it but if sufficient genetic, physiological change occurs, a species must change, be different, though possibly falling under Hominoidea. The metamorphosis likewise would require massive changes in brain structure, the body hardly changing [ eyesight as an example]without such. So a little doubtful of the homo sapien sapien status.
But that's show biz.

I once wrote an article (I didn't have the courage to submit it) on whether or not Spider-man could get married according to Catholic principles (assume he and Mary Jane were Catholic).

Consider the offspring if spider traits are dominant.

The Chicken

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