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Snow day.


On January 9, 2011, within six hours of each other, these two pictures were taken. One shows Atlanta, GA; one shows Vail, CO.

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The college and everything else is closed here (Dayton, TN) and the snow keeps falling . . . Faculty workshop was supposed to be today, registration tomorrow, and classes are slated to begin Wednesday. Not unhappy in the least about the first, but do hope we start Wednesday; otherwise, I have to redo all the syllabi . . . The students who made it back Saturday and yesterday are having a ball on the steep slopes of the campus. Some of them have never seen more than the smallest dusting of snow in their entire lives.

What on earth are you doing in that elite/elitist hangout, Vail, CO?

I hope the one in Atlanta wasn't taken by you. You shouldn't be on the roads.

Steve -- wasn't me in Vail. A friend snapped the shot on the way home from skiing or something.

Bill -- I made it home from a friend's house last night (the snow came on hard and fast, very unlikely for the usual Southern pump-fake storms), then I made it to and from work -- all with no incident. You just never exceed about 18 mph, give everyone else a wide berth, and you'll be fine.

Paul, if you know how to drive in that kind of snow, I salute you. Most people who live in the south do not, and that combined with the lack of snow-removal equipment and salt trucks can make things very dangerous indeed.

And that, Lydia, is why we don't go out in it -- *we* know how, but nobody else does!

Oh, I sometimes go out in it. Not on the highway, though, and not very often. But this is Michigan. Most everybody here knows how to drive in the snow, most of them better than I do.

We always went out in it in KS, but they know how to take care of the roads and everybody knew how to drive in it . . . here, even though conditions are much less bad, you're risking your neck! It's fun to watch the kids play in it, though, because it's totally new to most of them.

Hello! First off, I'll chime in that we got snow here(Warner Robins, GA) for the first time in years just last night! Most people here don't know how to drive well in snow, but my parents took the time to teach me how "just in case." My restaurant job relies mostly on traffic from the nearby base for its business, and since the base closed due to snow I ended up getting a couple extra days off work. Yay!

Also, I didn't want to "spam" the comments of a serious post for this, but since this is a more light-hearted post I'll take the time to let you know that I was recently introduced to this blog via the MandM blog(Matt and Madeleine Flannagan). I really love what I've read here. Very thought-provoking stuff. So I'm now subscribed via my GReader.

I think I have a ways to go with my studies before I have anything meaningful to contribute to the conversations you have around here, but I'll be reading. Later!

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