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The houses of horror.

Lori Ziganto at Redstate:

Yesterday it was reported that Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist, was arrested and charged with eight counts of murder. He was charged with the murder of babies who were fully delivered; he induced labor, delivered the babies and then stuck a scissors in the back of their necks and mercilessly killed them. Their first breath, was also their last. Lacking even the dignity of a human touch; no one holding their tiny, innocent hand coursing with life’s blood, as that life left their tiny bodies. Eyes opening, trying to focus for the first time and trustingly seek out the security of the face belonging to the voice they’d heard for many months inside the womb. Struggling to survive, as the will to live is strong, even in the most tiny and vulnerable.

He was not charged with the murders of babies he killed the same way - earning $1.8 million in one year alone for doing so - only inside the womb.

Gosnell’s abortion mill was a gruesome house of evil. When police searched Gosnell’s facilities, they found that “bags and bottles holding aborted fetuses were scattered throughout the building. Jars containing the severed feet of babies lined a shelf.” This grotesque cretin kept severed feet as some sort of macabre serial killer trophy.

The State of Pennsylvania knew this. And ignored it. Allowing him to commit murder, time and time again, for decades. Their reasoning? Inspecting abortion mills clinics and requiring that they have basic safety standards would result in “putting up a barrier to women” and their ‘choice’. The ‘choice’ is never explicitly said because by choice they, of course, mean the purposeful killing of a baby. Barbara Boxer and even our own President would have believed the same. Barbara Boxer believes that a right to life does not exist until a mother ‘chooses’ to take her baby home, alive, from the hospital. President Obama, when a state senator in Illinois, had more concern for abortionists than for the babies whose lives they snuff out. He cared more about protecting the vile excuses for human beings like Kermit Gosnell than the babies they were attempting to kill. He believes that babies who are born alive during an abortion attempt should legally be left to die. [read more]

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This is like a combination of an abortionist shop with a carnival with one of Gunther von Hagens' exhibits. Keeping such things is reminiscent of a sort of trophy mentality - a damned combination of materialism and mockery; an awful display of power. And they even had a 15 year old girl administering anesthetic to the women! If this Gosnell was not possessed by something demonic, then he opened himself to be used in that fashion and was obsessed. No wonder the Church insists on the reality of the demonic - there was something truly horrific at work here which laughs at piety and love, and demands that we treat humans as materials, nothing more.

Here's hoping he gets a nice long prison term. Maybe he'll run afoul of a couple of the Arian Brotherhood while on the inside who are already doing life terms...

I can't read this stuff. I just can't. It gets me far to angry.

The spin machine has already gotten moving. At fault for this were _not_ the people who played "see no evil" for years to complaints about him but rather the pro-lifers who, somehow, are causing a shortage of "good" abortionists.

Exactly, Lydia. Abortions are only bad when they're sloppy.

Also surfacing is the argument that if abortion were made illegal we'd have more of these types of practitioners. This may very well be true, but it brings us right back to the same point: abortions are moral when they're done "right."

Never mind that if this is any indication, it seems that the entire industry is lacking any oversight whatsoever. No one wants to rock the boat, so hey, a few women get sick or die, a few live babies are killed. Omelet, eggs. The sacrament must be maintained.

Indeed, Rob G. And the Grand Jury report demonstrates emphatically that even the supposedly pro-life Bob Casey, Sr.'s governorship included studied negligence and whitewashing. Nail saloons were better regulated than the house of horrors. So much for that great saint of the pro-life Democrats.

Paul, is there any indication that these lapses made their way up to the governor's level itself? Casey seemed pretty solidly pro-life (I voted for him twice for this reason) and it wouldn't surprise me if these things were ixnayed before they ever got to him. It would be disappointing, to say the least, to find out that he was hypocritical.

Well, it seems reasonable to expect that the problem of zero accountability for abortion mills did reach his desk in some fashion, because things got even worse after he left office, but there is no allegation that I am aware of of his own personal complicity. It is his administration that was negligent. I'm sure a great many GOP administrations are as well.

It's a lot easier to be pro-life on the campaign trail than in the nitty-gritty of bureaucratic life when you have to force your various executive branch folks (atty. general, for example) to stir their stumps and do something about obvious legal violations. It's a lot easier to trust to delegation to do the work, and of course the governor can't personally micromanage everything. OTOH, a pro-life governor should be appointing people who really will do the delegated work in these areas.

No doubt most of the nitty gritty gets done by lower level bureaucrats (sp?). Unless someone actually cared, it would probably not get to him. Although, I am surprised with the number of complaints and apparently lawsuits, it wasn't picked up on sooner.

I have just been reading page after page of the Grand Jury report on the failure of oversight. It looks to me as though there were all sorts of people in place whom (I'm _guessing_, though it would be hard to check this) Casey didn't directly appoint. One woman in a key position in the Department of Health protected Gosnell again and again from the late 1980's right through until the raid in 2010. She was originally involved in licensing his facility and then spiked complaint after complaint against him. In the Department of State there were attorneys tasked with examining possible criminal complaints. One attorney investigated two of these and recommended closing the cases, though in one of the cases he punted to the DOH.

It looks to me as though this is a situation of a vast bureaucracy in which it would be entirely possible for the governor himself not to know how the laws were being enforced and not to be able to change it without a cleansing of the Augean stables.

Apparently during Casey's governorship the DOH, in essence, went through the motions of annual or at least semi-annual inspections of clinics, though actually this appears to have been deceptive and to have included filing false information on Gosnell's behalf. That alone would have made it very difficult for Casey to have known that they were protecting him or other abortionists, for whom I have no doubt similar cover-ups were undertaken. After Casey left office, they abandoned the charade and ceased even to pretend to make regular inspections. They said they inspected only when there were complaints, but actually, they refused even to do that. There are particular names that come up again and again of people in the DOH who were blocking any inspection and pretending that they "lacked authority" to investigate, even though in fact they were the _primary_ people with that authority and the agency whom others trusted to investigate.

And, yes, this was said expressly by the deliberately negligent people in DOH to have to do with abortion and with a desire to help women have "access" to abortion.

The stories from the Grand Jury report are terrifying:

When Massof left the clinic in 2008, Lynda Williams took over the job of cutting
baby’s necks when Gosnell was not there. Cross saw Williams slit the neck of a baby
(“Baby C”) who had been moving and breathing for approximately twenty minutes.
Gosnell had delivered the baby and put it on a counter while he suctioned the placenta
from the mother. Williams called Cross over to look at the baby because it was breathing
and moving its arms when Williams pulled on them. After playing with the baby,
Williams slit its neck.

When asked why Williams had killed the baby, Cross answered:

"Because the baby, I guess, because the baby was moving
and breathing. And she see Dr. Gosnell do it so many
times, I guess she felt, you know, she can do it. It’s okay."

There is no difference between abortionists and members of the SS. So what about our many family members who have had abortions? Tradition has forgiven them beforehand (in their eyes), so we have all gone along because it would be hand-to-hand, brother-against-brother combat otherwise. How do we deal with our failure?


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