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Pictures, Words, and All That

For those who aren't familiar, this played endlessly on television when I was a kid.

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Boy, that's some pretty terrible history (and unlike some other Schoolhouse Rock compositions, not very good as a song either).

And the British flag is wrong; since Ireland hadn't joined the United Kingdom at the time of the American Revolution, there shouldn't have been any red saltire cross (the diagonal red cross) on the flag. At least I don't think so.

Yeah, In the past I've recommended reading Mencius Moldbug'a gentle introduction to his blog (especially part II) and then watching this video.

"Anything you say king, it's ok king..." [snicker]

"That's taxation without representation; and it's not fair!" [BWAHAHAHAHA!]

Moldbug's history isn't much better. Impenetrability is not synonymous with erudition.

Impenetrability is not synonymous with erudition.

Didn't say it was.

You got rid of the monarchy, and gave us Paris Hilton in its place....



lots of criticism as to historical value-
I'm 'swiping' this video because of overall and humorous value-thank you for it-

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