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A Prayer for Lawrence Auster

On Sunday, January 13, the bloggers who are part of a group calling themselves "The Orthosphere" have decided to organize a global vigil of massed intercessory prayer for Lawrence Auster. For those who don't know, Larry has been suffering for many months from "cancer, and from related maladies brought on either by the disease itself, or by the chemo-therapy he has endured. While he has fought off the cancer for a long time, and soldiered bravely onward at "View From the Right", his condition lately has worsened."

The above information comes from the Orthosphere blog and you can go there to get more information. It is no secret that current and former writers for this blog have had their disagreements with Larry -- now is not the time to rehash those serious, but irrelevant clashes as Larry gets ready to be called home. What is important to know is that whatever our disagreements, I know Larry is someone who cares deeply about Christ and the civilization made by the men of the Cross of Christ (as we put it in our statement of purpose) and so I hope you'll join with me and others around the world and pray for Larry Auster.