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New number of The Christendom Review

A new issue of The Christendom Review is online. Associate Editor and former W4 Contributor William Luse features a piece from 2003 titled “Dying by Degrees.” He writes: “The essays include one by undisputedly good woman, college English Professor, and irreplaceable W4 commenter Beth Impson entitled ‘Choosing His Light.’ There’s another dealing with the contraceptive mandate and religious freedom, a 2007 interview with Marion Montgomery, and a reprint of one of John Henry Newman’s great sermons.” All W4 readers are encouraged to dive in and read deeply.

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Re: Bill's essay. Dr. Beck recommended an Easter piece that deals with the "mortality problem". I put it in quotations because the piece reframes the problem beautifully.

How kind of Bill! His essay is well worth pondering, and hits home for me at this time.

I esp. appreciated your article, Beth.

Thanks, Lydia. That means a great deal.

Step2, that's a really worthwhile article. Thanks for giving us the link.

For just a taste of it, here is a money quote:

And that is why it is glorious, almost incredible, good news that God didn’t settle on “for.” God said unambiguously, “I am with.” Behold, my dwelling is among you. I have moved into the neighborhood. I will be “with” you always. My name is Emmanuel, God “with” us.

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