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A Federalist Miscellany

A new publication called The Federalist (though not yet editorializing under the byline Publius) has already in just a few weeks supplied some brilliant and noteworthy writing. I know many readers feel as I do, that there is enough good stuff to read already, some of it quite formidable indeed, with damnably few hours to read it; and why should I add some new outfit to my list? I have no answer to this other than to sigh and whisper, longer groweth the list.

Attention all paleolibertarians, paleoleftists and paleoconservatives! Here is the defense of neoconservative foreign policy that you should grapple with. The author, my friend Dan McLaughlin, is among the finest writers on American politics. (See his NYC Mayor election preview.) In addressing Dan’s arguments, it behooves you to take the old position of the Schoolmen and assume your adversary’s best-case interpretation. Nothing has been more damaging to sound criticism of neoconservative theory than the intemperance and stridency of the critics. Intemperance and stridency, indeed, has long been the bane of fruitful conversation among right-wing factions; these vices are mercifully absent from Dan’s treatment here.

Dan has also written sagely about the Obamacare roll-out debacle.

Suppose you have a taste for pollster intricacies. Suppose you love the tight rigidities and seductive projections of statistical science. Here is some inside-baseball for the ages.

Meanwhile, Scott Lincicome’s brief analysis of the Federal Reserve’s September pump-fake on “tapering” its quantitative easing is very good; as is Steve Stanek’s alarum against chained-CPI; Daniel Garza’s recommendations for GOP outreach to Hispanics are notable for a particular absence -- a single mention of immigration; and Jayme Metzgar’s examination of the oppression reserved for homeschoolers in Germany, an oppression innumerable progressives are preparing to visit on Americans, will chill your blood. (Our own Lydia McGrew has covered this subject from many angles.)

Have you ever read a polemic that made you want to stand up and cheer? Here’s one for you, by the indefatigable Mollie Hemingway. The only mark against this electric essay is its words of praise for Philip Rivers, who quarterbacks my Broncos’ rival San Diego Chargers, and earns my admiration only very grudgingly.

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What's amusing about the timing of this post is that I just wrote a little note to Ben Domenech (the main editor of The Federalist) this morning that I regret I hardly have the time to get to his new website!!!

But I'm glad you posted here with some highlights as now I know what I need to go back and read ;-)

One article that did catch my attention, and is related to one of my hobby-horses about liberals (and fits in nicely with my last post on Robinson) is this excellent piece on Oklahoma's pre-kindergarten program:


Like Head Start (which has been shown by Fed's own recent study to be a big waste of money), spending government $ on early childhood education is one of those big-ticket liberal spending programs that does nothing good, but the minute a conservative points out reality to everyone and suggests we shouldn't spend money on a wasteful program; we get accused of being "against THE CHILDREN" and "mean" and "heartless" and all the other epithets liberals hurl at us.

It drives me crazy.

Liked the Broncos during the miracle Tebow run.

After Elway mistreated him, had a great gleeful laugh when the Ravens beat them in the playoffs on a Hail Mary last season. Ha ha hee hee ho ho ha ha.

Manning is a class act. It's impossible to dislike him.

Tebow is a class act. It's impossible to dislike him.

Yes, you hardly need to persuade me of all that: http://www.christendomreview.com/Volume004Issue001/essay_005.html

My brother still calls Manning a hired gun.

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