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Reader survey

Desiring to form a better estimate of our readership’s shape and substance, we hereby present the first What’s Wrong with the World Reader Survey. Whether regular commenter or first-timer, if you would be so good as to complete it, we would appreciate it. It’s quite short and will only take a couple minutes of your time.

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Are you going to be sharing this with the IRS?

Those petty despots can pry the Survey data from my cold, dead hands.

I've never of Google forms before. It looks spiffy. What's the name of the template you used?

Suggestion for future surveys, allow 'other' or free form answer for religion. There are faiths like Buddhism and Hindu which probably are not best described as 'pagan' even though they predate Christianity and pagan is often used today for stuff that isn't actually pre-Christian faiths but new faiths created in the last century. Also no room for Mormons?!

Good point, Boonton. I've added an "Other" category to the religion question.

How about ditching the meaningless word 'gender'?

I belong to a church which: is categorised as Evangelical-Lutheran, has no dedicated house (we rent a classroom), retains a lot of antiprogressive traditions such as the exorcism at baptism, has half the songs fixed to old thing like Kyrie, still says "And with your spirit" in response to "The Lord be with you", and has the sympathy of my devout Catholic friend (who thinks most American churches are full of heretics).

I ticked only Protestant (high church) as my closest estimate on the survey to avoid a mess, and figured my special snowflake opinion belongs in the comment section. Does that checkbox seem like the appropriate one for survey purposes? If there had been a freeform I would likely have put "Traditional Lutheran" or some such, but I am opposed to having a freeform religion writein. Bad as the lumping may be, I expect the splitters would be worse.

Sounds good to me.

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