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Disgusting Behavior & Double Standards

by Tony M.

This article speaks for itself. Pro-free-speech people get licenses for public demonstrations and put on silent rallies in 10 or more cities. Gay activists attack them in most or all of the cities. Police basically don't do their job to ensure that the peaceful demonstrators get to express themselves peacefully when they have a license to do so, and instead allow gays to disrupt things, are verbally and physically abusive, and basically act like barbarians.

It has been the case for at least 20 years that the gay agenda is supported by groups that - regardless of how you actually feel about the gay agenda itself - normal people would feel very uncomfortable being around and would be positively unhappy having them over for dinner, because they are DISGUSTING. They think nothing of treating fellow citizens with any kind of abuse that might stifle expressions ordinary common sense. Reminds me of Germany's Brown Shirts before Hitler had taken the official reins of power.

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I think it arises from the demonization of some groups (the pro-family groups) and fear of being harsh in the slightest to other groups (homosexual activists). In short, the police think no one will care if they allow the pro-homosexual activists to beat up the pro-family demonstrators but that people (driven by the media) will be very upset indeed if the police have to get tough with the pro-homosexual activists to prevent them from beating up on the pro-family activists. This same pattern is repeated in race relations as well. Members of the "mascot" group must not be harmed, even to prevent them from doing harm to others. Meanwhile, if the "others" to whom they wish to do harm are viewed as virtually sub-human in view of their allegedly odious views, it is that much easier to do nothing while members of the mascot group beat up members of the "odious" group.

Thus we see the end of the rule of law and equality before the law in the West.

I agree, It must take a particularly grotesque politicization / degeneracy within the police departments themselves to allow themselves to be taken in by this. That is, the effect of the media-fed mind-set that gays are "the good guys" and ordinary heteros are "the bad guys" isn't enough. They also have to swallow the deformed illogic that police (i.e. the formally appointed body authorized to act as society's agent of force) ought to use force on "the bad guys" to protect the violent, attacker gay "good guys" from even the rebound effects of gays attacking ordinary non-violent people.

Which leads one to hypothesize that a police department like this, and a society that tolerates a police like this, is far, far gone into the service of evil. What does one do about such extensive socially approved evil?

I suppose the police departments might just be predicting how they will be cast. One can imagine a cynical police department head who has few opinions of his own on the subject but knows that the media will crucify him and his men if pictures go around of them fighting homosexual activists (to protect pro-family activists) but that the media won't care if they just don't "happen" to show up on time to protect the pro-family activists. Therefore, he cynically concludes that his department will be better off if they take the latter course. This is also really far gone in evil, but in a slightly different way--allowing the ideologues to control their behavior through media manipulation of public opinion.

Remember, this is Italy, not the US. Italian politics tend to be a lot more radical than ours. Their solution to illegal immigration by the Roma is to firebomb Roma camps, not meekly ask the police to go down there and beg them to leave. Heck, one of their parties even "joked" about having the Italian navy fire on African ships bringing in illegal immigrants.

The way to bring down the gay rights movement is for conservative activists to shock the sensibilities of the mainstream by broadcasting the activists' behavior. There is a purposefully cultivated ignorance that must be shattered by repeatedly forcing the imagery out in the open where "decent moderates" and liberals cannot avoid it.

I don't suppose there are Italian courts who uphold standards of decency against gay events where the gays' attire and behavior is contrary to decency? That would be fun.

I would also love to see groups taking the same approach as Acts 17 and getting ready to film the anti-life behavior themselves. And plaster it on web-sites just as a starting point. I'm sure there are ways to prepare for this. What I don't have any feel for is how the Italian courts treat these things - whether they rubber-stamp the Brussels & EU "no enemies to the left" feeling, or whether they have some backbone.

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