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Shrieking Harpies of Tolerance, Superhero Edition

There is no evil Republican hater social conservative (but I repeat myself) on the national scene who treats women, blacks, gays, or transsexuals as viciously as the Shrieking Harpies of Tolerance treat their friends who dare cross the line. Exhibit #2,356,224: Joss Whedon, of the Avengers movies. (Trigger warning: twitter and vulgarity.)

The silver lining here is that, perhaps, more people will see how vicious the Harpies are, and that it's impossible to satisfy them. That may eventually get ordinary people, including famous ordinary people, to stop trying to accommodate them even a little bit.

Unless there is no deviation from their doctrine, and no accidental offenses (of the professionally offended! Good luck), the Harpies will never help anyone win a campaign, create a hit movie, make a blockbuster novel, beat a charity fundraising goal, or turn any other good deed into a great one. They will help until they turn on you, and then they will try their hardest to destroy you -- even if you think they're on your side.

Lesson learned, my harpies. Thanks.

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Watching the reaction to Rabid Puppies (the Vox Day malevolent version of Sad Puppies) has been hilarious. They genuinely are scared of a man and movement who says "Why not pour on the gasoline as they run around shrieking and lighting matches?" in response to their threat to destroy the Hugo Awards with the No Award option rather than let non-SJW-approved candidates win.


Just wow.

I can't really figure out their complaint -- something about the way he portrayed Black Widow in the new Avengers movie? As a HUGE Marvel comic book geek, of course I saw the movie this past weekend -- and liked it very much (like all comic book movies, the key is the villain -- and James Spader as the voice of Ultron just nailed it.)

But I do think Jake's larger point is very important -- nothing will ever satisfy these insane people. Case in point, Mike T mentions the crazy situation with the Hugo awards. One of the leaders of the "Sad Puppies" campaign recently said something about one of his opponents that was criticized and he decided to apologize -- Vox Day has the reaction of this opponent for those who are interested in the madness:


Jake is spot on -- "shrieking harpies of intolerance" is the perfect description.


Best I could tell, it was the relationship she was building with the Hulk. Not canonical? There is no such thing as an official canon in Marvel comics! They change the major titles at least every decade. In another decade, wolverine and the hulk will probably be in a gay relationship or have had a one night stand!

Vox Day has also had some interesting points on strategy worth bringing up:

1. Don't ever apologize to them. *
2. Don't ever give them the benefit of the doubt.
3. Don't ever disavow any normal person they demand to be disavowed. **
4. Don't ever concede their definitions in debate.
5. Don't ever sit in silence when they are spreading bovine excrement or bullying someone.

And if you are inclined to the Instapundit/Breitbart view of politics: number six would be "punch back twice as hard."

* There's an extremely low probability anything you did to upset them was genuinely worthy of offense and they tend to use the taking of umbrage as a political weapon.
** They invariably demand you disavow someone as a ritual denunciation, not as a genuine marker of morality. This means that even if a SJW comes here demanding the disavowal of Roosh, Roissy, etc. it should not be given for the plain and simple fact that the SJW is using it as a power play.

Part of it is the "I will be reinstituting Prima Nocta” line. Being interpreted as a rape joke.

Being interpreted as a rape joke.

Which, as I take it, is really stupid, because Tony Stark character is explicitly understood to be a jerk toward women. How do they expect a director to demonstrate such character traits without, ya know, doing things that are insulting to women?

Remember: there is no reason to this. It's rabid, so don't expect it to make sense.

Jeffrey S., a correction: They're the Shrieking Harpies of Tolerance, not Intolerance. :)

Yes, the two complaints seem to be Prima Nocta, Black Widow calling herself a monster because she can't have children (?), and the feeling that Black Widow was turned into a damsel in distress rather than being a strong woman.

I haven't seen it yet -- no spoilers without warnings, please! :)

I believe we saw the same sort of thing re: Spike. Ho hum.

I have little sympathy for Whedon. This is a world, in a big way, Whedon helped to create. The very people driving him off of Twitter are people he championed and fought for in the media. He should be proud. Isn't this what he always wanted?

Yet another reason why one should just assume hypocrisy from these people. You'll probably be right at least nine times out of ten.

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