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September 11th


What happened on this day seventeen years ago may be stated simply: The Jihad delivered against America a most grievous and staggering blow. Conceived in blind bitter hatred, plotted in treachery and skulking malice, it remains a spiritually impotent blow. To achieve a great symbol of resistance to the power of the infidels, these heroic operatives made their emasculated war on the defenseless and unwitting. Honorable battle was not for them.

September 11 was not a blow delivered against the American fighting man. Against him the Jihad has generally withered or taken flight.

We demean the word by calling what happened on September 11th a battle. It was treachery against men and women the great majority of whom never had even a moment to contemplate self-defense. That some Americans — who we venerate today where their mortal remains lie, in the wide fields of Shanksville, Pennsylvania — gave battle to these brigands, in the end conquered them by thwarting their conspiracy, shows indeed common American valor, but does not grant the murderers the honor of the title Soldier.

The crown of honor on that day was won above all by the police and firemen of New York City, whose losses were terrible; these men who more than self their country loved. O beautiful, for heroes proved in liberating strife!

The Towers fell; the Pentagon burned; Lower Manhattan became a crematorium. It was the Jihad in brutal summary. The guilt of its victims, according to ancient doctrine, was fixed by their unbelief. America stood as the citadel and champion of Infidelity. There could be no innocents here.

And so honor, innocence, charity, kindness, courage, nobility, valor — all must kneel at the feet of the obligation of the Jihad to make war on the powers of Infidelity. America is the greatest of those powers. Whatever our foreign policy, whatever the interventions of our military, whatever the skill of our diplomats, whatever the character of our statesmen - still we shall attract, at least for the time being, the boldest stratagems, the cleverest sedition, the cruelest bloodlust of the Jihad. Even now its agents and operatives are maneuvering against us. Even now they plot terror and mayhem and torture.

Our countrymen perished in the flames of this wicked system, this terrible institution of Jihad. Today we remember them, we honor them, we lift up those who mourn them in prayer; and we steel ourselves for the day when the Jihad will try again.


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Whatever our foreign policy, whatever the interventions of our military, whatever the skill of our diplomats, whatever the character of our statesmen - still we shall attract, at least for the time being, the boldest stratagems, the cleverest sedition, the cruelest bloodlust of the Jihad.

Yes. It must be remembered that the jihadists' hatred for America doesn't come from the fact that America is more evil than any other non-Muslim country: it isn't. It doesn't come from the fact that America hates Islam more than other countries do: it doesn't. It didn't come from the fact that before 2001 America did more harm to Islam than others did: it didn't. It doesn't come from the fact that America holds greater repudiation of their unholy prophet than other countries: it doesn't.

To the extent that there is reason at all involved, the hatred the jihadists have for America is that we are the most successful un-Muslim country around - the top of the heap, the king of the hill (for now). It is our success, and our happiness (so far as we still are happy) in remaining not Muslim that sticks in their craw. It is our strength and wealth that makes them envious and full of hatred. And, never forget that it is because once upon a time America was a Christian country that drives their hatred, and even now when we take in hordes of Muslim immigrants, many of them cease to follow their old ways because of the attractiveness of a better thing. Islam - even the less violent sorts - is not the better thing.

Of course, ultimately the hatred is not a thing of reason at all, but a thing of evil: a kind of non-being, a lack of right reason, a void of orderliness toward true human fulfillmet, a defect of the will and the mind, a hole in the fabric of character. To that extent, it has no efficient cause, it has rather a deficient cause: you can't EXPLAIN it so it actually makes sense, you can only make manifest its deformity.

Physics is physics. There is simply no way the official story of what happened is true.

Stay tuned for the University of Alaska Fairbanks report coming out in the following months.

Normally it is good advice to ignore trolls.

However, as someone with a local connection to one the United States' top civil engineers who investigated the WTC collapse (I'm friends with Dr. Corley's son and was at Dr. Corley's wake) I couldn't resist a quick comment to note that Horvat is just plain wrong:


What is interesting about this 9/11 conspiracy stuff is that it now seems to have infected Ron Unz. Of course, that's not saying much -- over the past year he has outed himself as a Holocaust denier, someone who believes in Jewish blood libels, a JFK conspiracy guy, and an all around kook. What is sad about this turn of events is that his website still hosts some of my favorite bloggers and has one of the best designs around (very user friendly.) I guess all this proves is that some crazy people really are kind of smart (in an autistic way) and can accomplish something impressive if they put their mind to it.

A 9/11 story that captures the tragedy in its most wrenching form. Not just the event itself, but the psychological aftermath as well.

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