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D-Town sports mania



For twelve straight days now, teams from my beloved hometown have competed in playoff contests: many of them, what with overtimes, interminable commercial breaks and whatnot, extending into the wee hours of the Eastern Time Zone morning. I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

The Denver Nuggets feature the Serbian Doughboy, Nicola Jokić, a singular big man with fantastic touch and court vision; Jamal Murray, a tough Canadian kid with a sweet shot; Gary Harris, a classic Michigan State product who does everything well, especially perimeter defense; the aged veteran Paul Millsap, steady defender with great rebounding intuition who has added an impressive offensive game; alongside a lengthy roster of appealing players who have, all of them, inspired us with their effort and resilience.

The Colorado Avalanche feature one of the best top lines in the National Hockey League. Swedes, Finns and a blue-color Canadian kid named MacKinnon whose extraordinary speed on the ice can be observed easily by even the most novice fans of hockey. Two of the Avs’ best defenders, meanwhile, are only twenty years old, one of whom, Cale Makar, having just finished his UMass collegiate career, showed up in Denver for his first NHL game in the middle of a playoff series. He recorded a goal and an assist.

Last night, at just after 1am Eastern, Gabriel Landeskog redirected a puck into the net for an overtime win against the San Jose Sharks. Picture me, with my whole household catching peaceful zzzzs, silent-screaming into my fists and leaping around in the loudest quiet celebration dance this side of the Mississippi River. That series goes to Game 7 tomorrow night (9pm Eastern start).

Nuggets and Trailblazers go tonight, in a huge Game 5 back in Denver. This game starts at 10:30p Eastern. Sweet soupspoons.

I’m loving every minute of it. Go Nuggs! Go Avs!

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I wish I could watch. But we just moved, my in-laws are moving and we are helping, and we have 2 graduations. Maybe if I "accidentally" hurt my back I can create some game-watching time. It's very plausible.

Well, son of a beesting. Both teams lost all their games since I posted this. Eff that. [lots of bad language]

Hard to take those Ls. Last time I ever blog about Denver sports.

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