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Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

Alright, this British PM is going to be fun to watch. How much of his persona as the Oxford don who’ll be happy to drink pints with you at 1am, is reality or an act, I cannot say. What I can say is that his off-the-cuff analysis of Churchill’s rhetorical strategies is brilliant. Have a look:

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Prime Minister Johnson will be fun to listen to. The reaction of the left may be even more fun to watch. Neither have any where near the potential to entertain us, as does, listening to the new leader of the House of Commons, the Rt. Honourable Jacob Rees-Moog

That's a great little section parsing Churchill's use of phrasing. Short and (amazingly for an Oxford don sort) clear - like Churchill: even though he uses these long, technical, don-ish words to name the techniques, we don't have to understand the technical terms to understand the point. If he is equally incisive on political matters as on rhetorical, he could be a very good PM.

Someone posted a video on FB in which he, Johnson, dramatically recites excerpts from the Illiad - in Greek:

As predicted the recent parliamentary sessions have been fine examples of the use of rhetoric in the English language.


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