What’s Wrong with the World

The men signed of the cross of Christ go gaily in the dark.


What’s Wrong with the World is dedicated to the defense of what remains of Christendom, the civilization made by the men of the Cross of Christ. Athwart two hostile Powers we stand: the Jihad and Liberalism...read more

Steve Burton

Steve Burton received his B.A. in Philosophy from Berkeley in 1987 and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Michigan in 1992. He specialized in aesthetics - especially the aesthetics of music. He taught for a year at the University of Indiana, and for three years at the University of Chicago, and, later, for a couple of years, interned in the Bio-ethics Department at the National Institutes of Health.

But he never learned to keep his conservative/libertarian trap shut.

He now lives near Kansas City, Missouri, where he does his best to look after his aged mother.

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